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ARDoISE, Rennes' helpdesk for research data management support for researchers on the Rennes campus

Who are we?

ARDoISE is a support network that assists research teams from all disciplines at institutions on the Rennes site in structuring, managing and sharing their data, in a FAIR

approach, throughout the data life cycle.

Comprising librarians, documentalists and engineers from the University of Rennes, the University of Rennes 2, Inserm, INRAE, Inria and URFIST, the operational unit is supported by expert correspondents (DPO, archivists, IT specialists, documentalists and engineers from laboratories or platforms, correspondents from thematic nodes and resource centers, etc.). It offers a helpdesk

to answer your questions and provide support for the processing and management of your research data, with a view to the controlled sharing and opening up of your research data.

The ARDoISE data helpdesk is a member of the Recherche data gouv

ecosystem, and has been recognized as a "workshop on the road to certification" in December 2022.



The ARDoISE data helpdesk is designed to serve all scientific personnel on the Rennes site, across all establishments (universities, schools, research organizations, university hospitals).

It offers a comprehensive system of assistance and support for research teams (teacher-researchers, researchers, doctoral students, research support staff, etc.) in all aspects of managing research data, codes and software, whatever the discipline concerned.

The ARDoISE project has been built to complement : thematic reference centers " :  

 French Bioinformatics Institute: GenOuest

Pôle national de données de biodiversité (PNDB )

Human sciences: Maison des sciences de l'homme en Bretagne (MSHB ), linked to Huma-Num

Plateforme universitaire des données de Rennes (PUD Rennes ), a department of MSHB, member of PROGEDO

and the "Resource Centers "

    URFIST Bretagne Pays de Loire, member of GIS URFIST


List of services

Our range of services covers the entire data cycle, from awareness to implementation, and is organized around 3 types of action:

  • Simplified access and guidance
  • Awareness-raising and training
  • Support

Simplification and guidance

  • One-stop shop: guichet-ardoise [at] (guichet-ardoise[at]groupes[dot]renater[dot]fr)
  • Referral to local experts

Awareness-raising and training initiatives

  • Organization of awareness-raising events
  • Interdisciplinary exchange network in the Rennes area and dissemination of information on the opening of research data
  • Training in research data management: doctoral schools, continuing education, training on demand


  • Support in drafting and reviewing data management plans
  • Guidance and assistance on data storage
  • Assistance and training in depositing and sharing datasets
  • Advice and support for data processing and FAIRization
  • Advice and development of databases
  • Assistance with FAIR-compliant databases
  • Advice on data structuring and cleansing
  • Advice and support for data anonymization and pseudonymization
  • Advice and support for data visualization
  • Advice and support for data description
  • Legal support for the management of personal and sensitive data
  • Support in drafting datapapers
  • Support in setting up electronic laboratory notebooks



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